Cambridge Nightclimbing


This is a transcription of the 1970 edition of Cambridge Night Climbing by "Hederatus". Following on from the successful group transcription of "Whipplesnaith"'s 1930s classic, The Night Climbers of Cambridge, this worthy 1970 successor was the next obvious target for digital republishing. Fortunately, lessons were learned from the previous transcription and this time no outside help was required, other than a couple of hours with Mrs Buckley's scanner. Thanks to Alan Dickinson for his loan of the book.

My take on the copyright situation is as for the previous book — it is long out of print and I think the author and participants are all proud enough of their achievements that they would be glad to see it made available to all (be they would-be night climbers or enthusiasts of eccentric Cantabridgiana.) Copyright holders: if this isn't the case, please let me know! My hope is that there will be as much enthusiasm for this book as for its more famous 1930s companion. If there is, perhaps we can get this book re-published, too...

Finally, an appeal: if anyone has a copy of the extremely rare Trinity Roof Climbers' Guide by Geoffrey Winthrop Young and would like to see if get the same digital treatment, then I'm very happy to do the honours and host the result. Either high res (100dpi) scanned page images or temporary loan of the book would be ideal.

Andy Buckley, 9th March 2008

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgements
2. The Classical Climbs
3. A Typical Day and Night
4. St. John's Chapel
5. Kings College Chapel
6. The Banner
7. The First of the New Routes
8. The Senate House
9. The Aftermath
10. New Routes II
11. Concluding Words
12. The Climber's Appendix — A Classification of Routes
Kings College
Trinity College (Night Porters)
St. John's College
Fitzwilliam Museum
Senate House
Pitt Press
Clare College
Old Schools (A paradise for beginners)
New Hall (Just V.S.)

List of Figures

2.1. The Old Schools: Sunken Drainpipe
2.2. Trinity: The Hall Lantern
2.3. South-East Corner of Clare
2.4. Fitzwilliam Museum: Lion Chimney
2.5. King's Porters' Lodge
2.6. St. John's: The Bridge of Sighs
2.7. Trinity: Castor and Pollux
2.8. Trinity: Wet Bob's Traverse
2.9. Trinity: Ornamentation Climb
2.10. Trinity: Gateway Column
2.11. Trinity: Library Chimney
2.12. Clare Ladder Climb
4.1. St. John's Chapel
6.1. The “Peace in Vietnam” Banner
7.1. Pitt Press
7.2. Fitzwilliam Museum
7.3. Old Schools
7.4. Old Schools: Recessed Drainpipe
7.5. Trinity Hall — Clare Chimney
8.1. Senate House Leap
8.2. Senate House
10.1. New Hall Dome
10.2. Gibbs Building: Archway Climb
10.3. Gibbs Building: Drainpipe Route