Trinity College (Night Porters)

  1. Main Gate (V.D.)

    Straightforward. Good practice for novices.

  2. Gateway Column (Hard Severe)

    A tricky climb, requiring a little thought before starting (see Whipplesnaith). Good balancing moves. Secluded. Key to overhang on the first attempt is an iron ring on the flat ledge above, which can be used as a good pull-up. Once experienced use a straight mantelshelf from the arched position. Good classical climb.

  3. Hall and Lantern (Hard V.D.)

    No great problems. Beware of careless feet next to glass, and of angry porters. Quite nicely exposed.

  4. Fourth Court Climb (Hard Severe)

    An excellent climb requiring technique, balance and stamina. Very secluded. For the last pitch it is important to place the right hand on the ledge, the left on the pipe. Then placing the left foot on the clamp of the pipe, stand up on it, put the right elbow on the lower ledge and reach for the upper ledge. Now use the top part of the drainpipe.

  5. Ornamentation Climb (S.)

    Short and classic. Good mantelshelf at top.

  6. Wet Bob's Traverse (V.D.)

    Good balancing. Ledge is missing in places.

  7. Library Chimney (V.D.)

    Face the library as protruding bricks give holds early on. Change around later.

  8. Castor and Pollux (V.D.)

    Easier going down. Tight chimneying.

  9. Fountain (V.D.)

    Disappointing climb. Key to it is the pillar with a drainpipe. Too much made of it in the past.

  10. Great Court Circuit (V.D.)

    A marathon, but well worth it. A real classic that should be done by all.