St. John's College

  1. Main Gate (D.)

    Good for beginners.

  2. New Tower (V.D.)

    An excellent climb. Good exposure. No real problems. A variety of routes to delight. Often lit up — do not worry.

  3. Third Court Climb (S.)

    An excellent climb coming up or down. Intricate balancing. Well covered in Whipplesnaith.

  4. Eagle Chimney (V.D.)

    Wall at your back tapers out at the top. Use one shoulder blade. Good width but not ideal.

  5. Bridge of Sighs (V.D.)

    An excellent climb that one often repeats. No danger to the swimmer. Remember, before the fall across one can turn around on the buttress ledge and face the bridge.

  6. John's Chapel (Just V.S.)

    One of the finest climbs in Cambridge. Consistent and well sustained. Good stonework and excellent views from the clover leaf and the top. Never fails to impress.