Chapter 11. Concluding Words

Farewells do not require a chapter. Like our climbing nights, their word content should be kept to a minimum. Words of encouragement and incitement to would be climbers are not necessary. I hope that the book will speak for itself in this respect. However, a few words of advice to those who want to carry on the tradition are not out of place.

Like ourselves and those before us, the new climber should be motivated by the desire for pleasure and nothing else, for this is the sole justification for the sport. He should, therefore, abide willingly to the unwritten nightclimbing code. He must avoid at all costs, the possibility of causing damage, annoyance or any unnecessary trouble. He will therefore plan his every climb and every move. It is as well that he should begin on well-tried routes, but his ambition need not be circumscribed by the limitations of his predecessors.

My hope is that this book, which belongs, above all, to Dave, will multiply the number of climbers on the Cambridge buildings. If it does that it will have served its purpose.