PyFeyn 0.3 first beta release

I just pushed a beta release of PyFeyn up to PyPI, the Python package index, for the first time. While pretty simple, I'm happy about the whole process - releasing bundled code to the whole community should be this easy! Here it is: There are several things to do before releasing a non-beta 0.3 version, such as providing some constants for colours and thicknesses so that PyX really isn't needed unless you want to be clever. After that release, there's still room for tidying up some aspects of the interface and the ways the packages interact. On a more flippant note, I like the idea of lines being able to have "haloes" - this would involve drawing a thicker version of every object in white (or another halo colour) before drawing the main diagram, so you could have a neat white border around the diagram elements when putting the diagram on a dark background. Like most fun ideas, it's probably completely useless :-) And I suppose we'd better work on some documentation, too...


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