I'm overhauling this part of the site at the moment... apologies for broken links, they will be fixed asap.

Also, everything here should probably be regarded as a historical artefact, and taken with a pinch of salt. Except the ROOT stuff, which is the Truth.

LaTeX and scientific writing

And to be reinstated:

  • latex-particle-names
  • writing-a-thesis
  • writing-guide
  • presentations-guide
  • latex-tips
  • removing-beamer-nav-widgets

Software and science

To be reinstated

  • bash-scripting
  • bash-shell-tips
  • bash-vs-tcsh
  • cplusplus-sucks
  • cplusplus-wishlist
  • emacs-tips
  • programmatically-accessing-autotools-install-paths
  • interfacing-cc-and-fortran
  • shell-utilities
  • unexpected-cc-string-behaviour


  • Something on ROOT6 to come soon...

The rest of these articles are just for historical reference, but for what it's worth I stand by them 100%, and don't think much has improved.


More to-be-reinstated...

  • outdoor-kit-lists
  • mortgages
  • wedding