My new keyboard layout: Colemak

In the interests of RSI-avoidance and just interest itself, I've finally made a move to ditch my QWERTY (i.e. "normal") keyboard layout. As Jared Diamond and others like to point out, QWERTY is an anti-engineered layout which became popular and obsolete at the same time. QWERTY typists have to work hard for no reason, risking RSI. Since I sometimes get typing-related wrist pain, a switch seems sensible.

I initially planned to switch to Dvorak, the most popular alternative layout, but a recent discovery of the Colemak layout, which is more computer shortcut-friendly, means that that has become my target layout. So far, so good: I've installed the X server keymap, adapted it a bit for my GB keyboard and moved the keys on my laptop. While it's painfully slow at the moment, I can already feel how much more efficient than QWERTY it is. It's bound to be a bit of a journey, so I'll post any interesting developments or experiences here. When my typing is back at more than 5 w.p.m., that is!


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