Bundling LaTeX for arXiv submission

I always have trouble submitting papers to the arXiv, on account of my tendancy to use a whole bunch of style files etc. that aren't in the standard arXiv collection. They aren't usually in my document source directory, either, but are spread around my system in various texmf trees. Accordingly, getting papers to upload is a pain (and if you try to upload just a PDF, arXiv detects that the PDF was made with TeX and refuses to accept it! Dang, foiled!)

So here's the method that seems to work for me.

  1. Get the snapshot package, and use it in your document with the usual \usepackage{snapshot} 2. Run latex etc. on your document until it's happy (note, I use pdflatex pretty much exclusively these days, but arXiv will use good o' DVI-producing latex, so that's what you need to use when producing your submission) 3. If your document was called mydoc.tex, you will now have a dependencies file, mydoc.dep. This can be used to bundle your source files for submission. To do this, get bundledoc. 4. Run bundledoc on the deps file --- you may need to provide an explicit config file. Here's my command: bundledoc --config=$HOME/local/texmf/tex/latex/bundledoc/tetex.cfg mydoc.dep 5. You now have a tarball or zip archive, depending on whether you used the TeTeX/TeX Live or MikTeX config file. This should be okay for uploading to arXiv. Happy bundling.


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