Sorry for the 6 months that this site has been offline -- in particular for anyone who's been trying to read the night-climbers transcriptions. My RadiantCMS server refused to restart after an Ubuntu server upgrade, and because Radiant and Rails are a steaming pile of crap when it comes to package management and code quality, a good 10 or so hours of configuration fighting failed to resuscitate it. At which point I lost the will to live.

This was back in November, and it's an indictment of my risible level of free time that it's taken half a year to write a script to dump the content database into plain text files, and to find a static site generator (Nikola, before which I tried Pelican) to render them nicely. And I'm very impressed: clean UI, clear data structure, Markdown and reST format support (among others), and seamless Disqus comment integration. Good job.

Anyway, that's an over-technical way to say that InsectNation is back on the air... not fully activated yet, but I'll get the old ROOT rants, night climbing, and missing images back in place asap. Which hopefully means in less than 6 months!


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