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Welcome to the online home of Andy Buckley — physicist, layabout and unreasonable man.

My apologies for much of this website: apart from (possibly) the blog, it’s enormously outdated and I never get any time to do anything with it. However, people keep telling me that bits of content are useful so it’s still here. To give you an idea of how outdated it is, I’ve still not converted all of my previous website content to the current system — that system change happened in about 2002! So you may still find the backup to be useful: Someday when I’m bored, I might try replacing the whole thing with something a bit… faster. But I’ve written too many web frameworks in the past to want to write another half-assed one, and I don’t have much time so don’t hold your breath.

Night Climbers of Cambridge

Yep, this is the popular bit:

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