Chapter 1. Multum In Parvo


        "All men may dare what has by man been done"


Figure 1-1. New Tower at dawn.

This book could never have been written without the enthusiastic collaboration of many men, and it would be futile to try to thank them. A child cannot express gratitude to its parents for its birth. and the book cannot do more than mention the names of those who effected its creation. To save ourselves the impossible task of thanking them in any sort of order, we have drawn the names out of a hat; we will only say that every man who is included has been of inestimable service, from the climbers to the man at whose bidding we cut whole chapters without a murmur. The book thanks: — Colonel M. G. (for hospitality), Colin, Frank, John H., David, George F., Mac., Eric, Pat, Jimmy, Gorgeous, Philip, Donald, Ronnie, Roy, Ducky, Martin, O'Hara, Noel, Alec, Kerry, Nares, Jim K., Willy, Stephan, Roger, John W., Douglas, John F.

Besides the above, twenty-four of whom were actually climbing or photographing with us, there have of course been many others whose kindness and sympathy have helped us. There are the half-dozen houses where beds were offered to us, and whose doors are always open. There are the friendly dons, porters and policemen and the strangers empanelled on the spur of the moment on the rare occasions when we were short of helpers. The book thanks them all; and there is no more to say.