Keyboard envy

Ooh mama - I was just looking up some more info on Colemak, especially to see if my GB layout hack is useful, and found this amazing keyboard linked from this handy forum post. Wow! Every key face is dynamic, with little colour LCD screens under each one, so if/when you update your software keyboard layout, your hardware keyboard changes to match! At over $1500, I don't think anyone will be getting me one for Christmas, though... but maybe one of these would be almost as good :-)

Oh yes, in other news I got married, spent a lovely 3 weeks in western Canada with my new wife, and met a bear while out mountain biking near Jasper. But you didn't need to know that, right? Photos will be available once I've torn my hair out over EXIF alignment headers a bit more... I'll get on to that again when I get back from the parallel programming course that's taking up this week.


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