Fame at last

The Sunday Times yesterday ran a story on Cambridge "night climbing" - the idiotic pursuit of climbing beautiful old university buildings and hanging your pants off the top. I'm a long-term advocate of this sort of silliness, so I was asked to come down to Cambridge a month ago and climb a few things with photographers in tow: the result was an article with a bunch of excellent photos (mostly not of me, thank goodness). I also got a few quotes in, and a plug for my Night Climbers of Cambridge online book - no URL, since apparently the ST is in state of denial about the existence of the Web.

Since there aren't any photos in the online version of that article, here are some for your entertainment - thanks to Jan Stradtmann for letting me use them:

Andy on Caius Jimwade jumps the Old Schools Mikey, Jimwade and Ben on Clare Ed and Will on Clare

These photos are (I think) copyright Jan Stradtmann - contact him if you want to reprint or generally reuse them.


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