Andy and Jo's wedding

14th July 2007, at Horsley Hall, Stanhope

We're married! Hurray! Thanks to everyone who came --- it was a wonderful day followed by a brilliant honeymoon, and we hope everyone else enjoyed themselves nearly as much as we did! And thank you to everyone for your gifts --- we were very touched and particularly pleased to have been able to give so much to Oxfam. If you're interested, here are a couple of photo galleries from the wedding and honeymoon:

The galleries are pretty big and so take some time just to load the thumbnails (small photos which link to bigger versions) --- if you can wait until all the thumbnails have loaded, then you'll get a nice slideshow interface which saves a lot of annoying clicking backwards and forwards. If you really like a particular photo, let us know and we can supply you with a really big version: all of the gallery photos have been reduced in size since we don't expect anyone wants to browse 3 Gb of images through a Web browser!

Wedding information pack

For "historical interest", here's a copy of the information pack that we sent out with the invitations.